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Most webmasters and website owners know that getting other websites and directories to link back to their site is a very good idea as it can increase Search Engine Ranking, and thus traffic.

Where are your back links pointing to?

The simple answer is, that if you have been fortunate enough to get other websites to link back to you, most if not all of them will be pointing to just your domain name, and thus just your index or homepage.

What are deep links and why use them?

Deep links are links to specific pages pages within your website. For example, you may have a website for a music shop. A link back to your homepage is all well and good, but what if you could also link directly to your piano page, your guitar page and so on. allows you to link to your main website address URL (E.g, including giving a detailed description of your website, META description and keywords (for search engine optimisation), and most importantly up to FIVE DEEP LINK URLS!

      Deep link 1=
      Deep link 2=
      Deep link 3=
      Deep link 4=
      Deep link 5=





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